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Ultimate relaxation and wellness massage

Afstand fra København K til denne polterabend aktivitet i Lyngby: ~11 km

These massage sessions offers a sublimely rhythmical workout that perfectly balance the body`s need of movement and stretching, whilst also providing a relaxed state. It´s a fusion of techniques with its own specific effect.

All the treatments embodies the beauty of a state of harmony and vitality. Balance health togetherness at a physical and mental level of being.
sequence of slow and deep acupressure points following the lines on all the major body parts.

• working longer with the needs of each individual client by honoring their ability and limitation
• direct focus on releasing more intensively specific muscle tensions
• relaxing for joints and muscles twists and presses
• varieties of yoga stretching exercises
• more time for creating balancing and healing acupressure touch of head, face and feet

Billede fra polterabend aktivitetBillede fra polterabend aktivitet


chr. x alle 25 1 th
2800 Lyngby

Tlf.: 42337166
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Event type: Polterabend, Wellness
Kategori: Wellness, massage & spa

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